The super-rich man in Asia who did things that no one else in the world did..!! (Part 2)

Two days ago I published an interesting and meaningful article about a super-rich man in Asia. There I explained his ways of earning money as well as the unbelievable facts about “Antilia”, the largest house in the world, for your enjoyment. Today I present the 2nd part of it and here are many more valuable facts. If you have not enjoyed Part 1 of it, please read it first.

(3) Mukesh Ambani’s amazing car park

“Antilia”, the main home of Mukesh Ambani, has a six-story garage that can accommodate up to 1,000 vehicles when needed. However, a separate garage has been built inside the parking lot of Mukesh Ambani and his family According to foreign media reports, Mukesh Ambani, a car lover, can be seen here with more than 168 vehicles bought on various occasions. Mukesh Ambani had ordered a “BMW 670L” luxury car and bulletproof car for his personal travels. The cost of registering it under Indian law alone is over $ 200,000. In addition, it is reported in the foreign media that he often uses a “Maybach 62” type limousine car which he received as a gift from his wife. His collection includes a number of older cars as well as modern cars such as the Aston Martin Rapide and the Rolls-Royce Phantom. In addition, he reportedly owns more than 30 Range Rover and “A.M.G 63” S.U.Vs as “Mukesh Ambani” and family escorts.


(4) The average Indian earns a salary equal to one crore

Many of Mukesh Ambani’s highest-paid businesses in Reliance Industries are affiliated with crude oil refining, natural gas, and their by-products. These sectors are known as the most profitable businesses in the world market. In addition, his annual income from the JIO phone company is increasing. That is why Mukesh Ambani is one of the highest-paid people in the country. As a result, Mukesh Ambani’s revenue in 2020 alone was over $ 20 billion. The average annual income of an Indian that year was estimated at $ 2,043. Therefore, last year’s income of “Mukesh Ambani” is equal to the average annual income of 10 million Indians people a year. This is also a good example of the severe income inequality that exists in India.


(5) The most valuable phone in the world given by “Mukesh Ambani” to his wife

“Mukesh Ambani” sometimes uses his wealth to spend on strange things. This is further confirmed by the phone he gave as a gift to his wife “Nita Ambani”. He had placed an order for the company “FALCON” which manufactures iPhones especially for rich people around the world. Instead of the aluminum used to make a typical iPhone, its inner frame is made of cut platinum. The outer casing is made of pink gold and most of the parts are made of 24-carat gold. However, the main reason for the high price of this phone is the pink diamond mounted on it. This pink diamond, which belongs to the highest category of diamond grouping, weighs only 90 carats. Mukesh Ambani has spent $ 48.5 million on the phone with this diamond. It is still considered the highest amount ever spent on a phone.


(6) Owner of the “Mumbai Indians” team

Many in the world became interested in “Mukesh Ambani” due to his ownership of the “Mumbai Indians” in the first I.P.L tournament in 2008. The Mumbai Indians, the most successful team in the I.P.L since 2017, have won the I.P.L Championship 5 times, including the 2020 tournament. . Although the names of many teams in the I.P.L have been changed, the Mumbai Indians have been led by Mukesh Ambani since 2008. Therefore, “Mumbai Indians” Mukesh Ambani is one of the most valuable sports club owners in the world.

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