The Mother Of God Statue That Comes Ashore Once A Year!

One day in 1975, a Spanish fisherman found a statue of the Virgin Mary in the depths of the ocean. To commemorate the occasion, thousands of pilgrims and visitors flock to the city every August for the annual festival on the “Rinconzilo” beach.

On August 15, the day Mary ascended to heaven and ended her life on earth, the Virgin brings the statue of the Virgin Mary back to land, travels around the village, and buries it again on the seabed. Devotion to the Virgin Palm statue is said to date back to the 17th century. Due to inclement weather, a ship was brought from Italy to the port of Algiers to anchor.


According to legend, the weather changed and the sea calmed down as the crew removed the statue of the Virgin Mary from the box and turned it towards the sea. It weighs about 100 pounds [100 kg] and is installed 15 meters below sea level.

 Once removed from the water, the statue is placed on a wooden throne and taken to the beach, decorated with flowers. Even if you find the location of the statue with GPS coordinates, it is still a difficult task to keep it in a place where it is not easily accessible as no sign can be found in the statue is stolen.

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