The Most Precious Diamond In The World..!

The Kohinoor is one of the most valuable diamonds in the world, providing enough money for everyone in the world to live on a daily basis.

The Kohinoor diamond was found by a royal family of the Kakatiya dynasty in Andhra Pradesh, India while excavating in their garden.

At the time, the actual weight of this diamond was about 700 carats. Everyone is fascinated by the sight of this diamond, and when it is brought into a room and illuminated, it is said that the light from it rises as high as a mountain.

Later, all the members of the “Kakatiya” lineage were brought in by the scribes and asked for good fortune. There they examined the diamond and were told that no matter how valuable or large it was, there was a great curse hidden behind it. It was said that a person who possesses this will die of a serious illness due to life’s frustration.


In time, a leader by the name of Alauddin Kil Ji invaded the country, where he took the diamond to his homeland, where he was killed by his brothers due to diamond. It is also known in Persia.

It was then taken to Afghanistan and then again received by a king named “Singh” who ruled in India.

At a time when Britain was gradually invading the world, India was also invaded and the diamond was later taken by the British to the then Queen. But at the same time, the queen was told about the beauty of this diamond as well as what happened to the kings who tried to take it. However, bringing this diamond to Britain has faced many problems.

However, the diamond, which currently weighs 700 carats, has been reduced to 100 carats. So today this is at the top of the crown of the Queen of Britain.

According to her, only men have died due to this diamond so far and no harm has been done to women and it is because of this diamond that Britain has been able to live a long and prosperous life for such a long time.

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