The Current Tribal Leader ‘Eli Mabel’ Is Carrying A Centuries-old Danny Tribal Mummy.!!

Preserving the bodies of their leaders and tribal heroes as mummies after their deaths is an ancient tradition among the Danny people in the central mountains of Papua New Guinea, Indonesia. They say the shrunken, black human body held by the current tribal leader is that of the late Agamemnon Mabel, a ruler who ruled this difficult tribal village in Papua, Indonesia, about 250 years ago.


After his death, it was a tradition of the tribal people to embalm his body and from time to time anoint it with animal oil and smoke it to protect it. However, it is said that the Danny people give this honor only to the important elders of the tribe and to the local heroes.

The present tribal leader further states that he does not know the exact age of this ancient tribal leader, the late Mammoth Mabel, and that he was the last leader of the village to receive such a dignified funeral, and that the ritual of smoke embalming among his ancestors is no longer practiced in the tribe.


The ancient Danny tribes of New Guinea, Indonesia, lived in isolation from the outside world until the 20th century when their colonies were located in the rugged mountains and dense jungles of the Balinese valley.

┬áToday, many of the island’s tribes depend on the tourism industry for their livelihood, and their unique customs, traditions, and customs attract tourists to these villages.

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