There is a lot of panic about No. 13 in the West. Therefore, some buildings have floors numbered 12 and 14, but no floor named 13 is found. Winston Churchill, Britain’s most popular prime minister, has refused to sit in the 13th floor of a movie theater.

Also, airlines such as “Air France” do not have a 13th row seat on some aircraft. Because he, too, has a reverential fear of the word number 13 in the West. But how did people panic about 13?


The number 12 is a very important number because the number system used today is based on the number 12. Eg:- 12 months per year, 12 hours divided by two days. Therefore, the number 12 is a perfectly divisible number. But why is the number 13 considered a cursed number? Historians have cited a number of reasons for this.

That is, 13 people attended the Last Supper. The 13th seat is reserved for Jesus. There is a strong opinion that Judas, who betrayed Jesus, sat in the 13th seat. Therefore, there is an opinion in Western society that the life of a person sitting in the 13th seat is an unfortunate death. According to Christian sources, Juse committed suicide the day after he was crucified.

The Last Supper takes place on the 13th of the month and is crucified on the 13th of Friday.

If you are being punished for a crime at that time, you will understand that the number 13 is an unfortunate number. That is, there was a 13-step staircase to access the gallows. The Mayakaryas were also in groups of 13

The names “JACK THE REEFER”, “JEFFREY DAHMER”, and “CHARLES MANSON” are considered to be the deadliest murderers in human history.

Confirming the validity of the number 13 in space, the Apollo 13 mission, which was about to launch into space, abruptly canceled an oxygen tank explosion, and fortunately was able to return to Earth six days later.

In the 15th century, a set of cards called “KAROK” was used. The 13th card in the deck was marked as Death. According to beliefs at the time, the 13th day of the month was known as Death.

For many reasons, some in the West are terrified of Fridays and the 13th.


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