Let’s Go On A Hot Water Safari In “KaraduLena”

I do not know if you have heard of “Karadulena”. “Karadulena” is a unique place in our distant history. I said that for a reason. Forget about it for a moment and go to the main road. That road is called 100 feet wide because it is 100 feet wide. But that road is still not a hundred feet wide. In the middle of this road, you will find the Walawe River Bridge. It is located between two provinces and three districts. In the middle of this road, you will find the Walawe River Bridge. Its two provinces are South and Sabaragamuwa,

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The three districts are Ratnapura, Hambantota and Monaragala. Anyway, you can see that the road leading to “Unudiya Pokuna”  27 km from Padalangala Junction on this road, is open on the right side. On the same road, there is the largest project ever spent on entertainment in Sri Lanka. It is also known as the Ridiyagama Safari. We are planning to go on a trip to Ridiyagama as well, so let’s find a place to stay first. However, we were told to book rest at the “Madunagala Eco Village” belonging to the “Ruhuna Tourist Bureau” a few days before the trip. That’s right. Let’s say you came to “Madunagala” with your friends and family at noon. Lunch is we can take village type. Let’s go for the first trip, which is the Ridiyagama Safari Park.

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Spread over an area of 500 acres, it is home to several diverse wildlife groups. The first section, spread over 35 acres, is home to lions. Some of the lions live lazily on the ground. It is also home to ferocious lions. Safety Vehicles and Guidance The next section of the safari park, provided by the National Zoo, is dedicated to mammals and reptiles. There are many different species of animals living in different parts of the world. Above it is the Eleven Elephant King Spread over 75 acres. There are several classes of elephants and tuskers waiting to be seen for you. This will take you about an hour and the price of an adult ticket is 300 rupees. Then you can go to the hot springs in the evening. Researchers say that the ponds in the middle of the hot springs at 55 degrees Celsius bring the water up to 6,000 meters from the depths. Time goes by unnoticed. Now that night was approaching, it was time to return to the lodge. The next morning is a special trip to the Karadulena monastery. It takes about 30 minutes to reach the cave. You are going to a place where twelve thousand Arahants lived thousands of years ago. Located in a group of caves based on many legends, Karadulena is a sacred place that shortens the life of the Vasi Yativaras even today. In the drip-lined cave, today are the huts of the monks who cultivate buffaloes. After worshiping everything, it’s time to go back to the parking lot in the middle of Latha along the mountain peak. In the evening you come to the lodge and sip on a Belimal glass with Kurakkan bread


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