Have You Seen Human Zoos?

   When you think of a zoo, you think of hundreds of thousands of different species of animals trapped in cages. But at one point in history, humans also appeared in zoos as animals.

       A series of tragic events in human history, these zoos continued to operate in a number of European lands, including France and Belgium, until the middle of the twentieth century.

      Captured and exhibited in these zoos were African nations that had been forcibly captured from the African continent. Hundreds of thousands of white people with their children flocked to these zoos to start these different people, different in color.

PHOTO CREDIT – www.rarehistoricalphotos.com

         They threw food and drink at the African children as they looked at the other animals in the zoo. Europeans framed African families who roamed freely in the African homeland and exhibited them throughout Europe, treating Africans as barbaric tribes that did not evolve.

But who were the barbaric tribes that did not really evolve then?

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