Harvest circles have been a mysterious phenomenon in European countries for decades. These wonderful patterns, created overnight in large wheat fields, began to terrify and terrify people.

    Harvest circles are visible only in the air. Some harvest circles were very intricate designs. Farmers with basic knowledge could not produce such a creation in one night.

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   As a result, these events were attributed to alien spacecraft. People began to believe that these “UFOs” or unidentified flying objects were landing places and that aliens were leaving messages.

      Meanwhile, various rumors were spread. It was reported that the yield in the area where the harvest circles were created had increased several times, that all the electrical equipment in the area had become inoperable and that the people who had entered the harvest circles were suffering from various diseases.

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      However, the authorities later revealed that some of these designs had been secretly designed by landowners to attract tourists. Because of this, in order to prevent wastage of forest produce, laws were enacted in some countries to make harvest circles a punishable offense.

       But the ground behind some intricate designs is still a mystery today. The creation of harvest circles is not over.


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