Their staple food, which they have never seen in real life ‘cake’, is purely clay bread. They call it ‘mud cake’.

The Caribbean sun heats up Haiti above Haiti, adding even more pain to the aging bodies of the endlessly starving.

Those are the “mud cakes” clay loaves that are drying over a large area in the sun. They actually take the shape of the pots we use for cooking or home decoration, but they are not really for that. In a world of extreme poverty, starvation is a common and popular food for the poor.

Clay Bread This dish, also known as clay cake, is made entirely of clay. Breakfast is a very important meal – it can either make or break your day.


At first glance, this loaf of bread, which is thick and brittle, does not seem to satisfy anyone’s appetite. Previously, this clay cake was used by pregnant women as a medicine during their pregnancy … but for many years now, not only pregnant women but also members of many Haitian families have been consuming clay cakes. It is now a staple food of the Haitian people.

Haiti’s food and fuel crisis are surpassing all other countries in the world. Growing population, as well as increasing poverty, is the root cause of this food shortage. They call it “swallowing Clorox”. Chlorox is a very strong type of bleach.

It is this clay cake that frees them from that pain. It is inevitable that some of them have never really seen what a cake really is in life.

 These unbearable huge and unhealthy foods like clay cakes have given birth to deformed bodies that are as small and swollen as the stomachs of younger children.

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According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Haiti has increased its food exports by 80%. Fighting over food claimed the lives of the country’s prime minister and other officials in 2008. The United Nations says two-thirds of Haiti’s 2.5 million people are affected by the food crisis.

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