An Unconventional Love Affair Hidden In a Historic Tunnel …


Hotel Mount Lavinia is a popular hotel not only in Sri Lanka but also among many tourists in the world. There are also many secrets behind this magnificent building built by white imperialists.

  Its tunnel is top-secret. If you are traveling by sea train from Colombo to Galle, you will use the tunnel near the Mount Lavinia Hotel. Like this tunnel, the building was constructed by Thomas Maitland, who was appointed the second English Governor of Ceylon in 1805 AD.

     After his arrival in Sri Lanka, a high-level party was organized for him. There are several young ladies of the Roddy caste acting in front of him. Meanwhile, he is interested in one of the former beautiful girls. That focus ends when the two of them fall in love.

      Her name is Lovina, an unmarried teenager. It is said that her father was an attractive girl because he was Portuguese. The governor is now forty-seven unmarried. He himself realizes that it would be a problem in the future for a governor of the Sunless Empire to fall in love with someone of a lower caste.

       Due to this, he decides to build his official residence by the sea in present-day Mount Lavinia. It is being built overlooking the village of Roddy. Meanwhile, he is working to build a tunnel from the official residence to the village of Roddy. For years after that, she searches for her lover in this secret tunnel.


         Because of this unconditional love, Lovina manages to give a lot to her people. Until then, Roddy women were not allowed to cover their bodies. They were also not allowed to build two-story thatched huts. Lovina manages to remove all these bans from the governor.

       But this love story will be kept a secret from the world for a very short time. British officials extend the governor’s role to King George III of England. As a result, he was removed from office and ordered to leave the country immediately.

       When he says goodbye to Lovina and sails away, he promises to come and pick her up one day. He became Governor of Malta and died unmarried at the age of 64. Lovina is said to have committed suicide out of grief over the loss of her beloved.

        Once the governor’s official residence, it was also used as a military hospital during World War II. Later it was converted into the Mount Lavinia Hotel. At the request of Governor Thomas Maitland, the area was renamed Mount Lavinia in memory of his girlfriend.


      A symbol of love Taxes This tunnel will be closed later. Today you can see part of the location of the wine store at the Mount Lavinia Grand Hotel. Today you can see the hotel kitchen in that place. It is also believed that the other end of the tunnel is on the grounds of Mount Lavinia Buddhist Girls’ College.

         Symbol of Love Taxes Although this historic tunnel is closed forever, Thomas Maitland Lovina Love is famous all over the world. People who still love that historical love still come to the Mount Lavinia Hotel to see its remains.


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