A river becomes carcinogenic and the “Cancer Village” emerges.

If you think development is more important than the environment, pause and read. The Yangtze River is the largest economy in China. It is also the third-largest river in the world.

  Unfortunately, more than half of the population on both sides of the river does not have access to safe drinking water. They have two options. One is to drink water mixed with carcinogens. If not, buy some water and stay thirsty.

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      The Yangtze River China’s largest river today falls into some of the world’s most polluted rivers due to toxic pollutants released daily by factories on both sides of the river. But the problem is not that. A number of villages on both sides of the river have been identified as “cancer villages”.

        Almost every household in this village has several residents suffering from stomach, throat, and liver cancers. It is believed that highly toxic substances are deposited in every animal associated with the river.

        No matter how hard China tries to get out of this situation it has not succeeded. The reason is that their first goal is “development” and they have given a place far below environmental protection. The situation in Bhutan, which borders China, is quite different.

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       Bhutan puts environmental protection first. Their primary goal is to grow their forest population. Also, their water sources are extremely clean. Introducing an index called Gross National Happiness, they are emerging as one of the happiest and healthiest nations in the world.

     China may be the richest country in the world. But its people are physically as well as mentally poor. Bhutan may be the poorest country in the world. But they are physically and mentally rich. It is incumbent upon you wisely to think of the path we as a country should take.

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