A country with the highest number of Nobel Prize winners in the world..!

Is Israel the world’s largest Nobel laureate?

1. Jews currently make up nearly 0.2% of the world’s population. Israel is the largest Jewish state in the world, with about 2% of the U.S. population being Jewish.

2. More than nine percent of the Nobel Prizes awarded since 1901 have been won by scientists and scholars around the world. Nearly 22% of them are Jewish. It is numerically close to 208 people.

3. The first Jew to win the Nobel Prize was the German scientist Adolf von Beier, winner of the 1905 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

4. The first American scientist to win a Nobel Prize was also a Jew. A.A. Michelson won the 1907 Nobel Prize in Physics.

5. American Jews have won 38% of the highest number of medals (390) ever won in the United States Nobel Prize.

6. Among the Nobel laureates, 29% of Jewish women are women.

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7. 20% of Nobel Peace Prize-winning organizations are founded primarily by Jews or people of semi-Jewish descent.

8. 36 award winners in the field of Chemistry are Jewish. It is 19%.

9. 34 Nobel Laureates in Economics are Jewish. It is 40% as a percentage.

10. Sixteen of the recipients of the Nobel Prize for Literature are Jews. As a percentage, it is 14%.

11. Nine of the Nobel Peace Prize winners are Jews, a percentage of 8%.

12. Of the 56 Nobel laureates in physics, 56% are Jewish.

13. Jews have won 57 Nobel Prizes in Medicine. It is 26% as a percentage.

14. Nobel laureates Eli Weisel (1986) and Imre Curtis (2002) were Jews who saved lives from Hitler’s Jewish Holocaust camps.

15. Also Nobel Prize-winning scientist Albert Einstein was a Jew who left Germany for the United States in search of safety. He has also been invited to accept the presidency of Israel, which he has declined.

16. Arthur Ashkin, a 96-year-old American Jew, goes down in history as the oldest person to win the Nobel Prize.

17. Although nearly 208 Jews have won the Nobel Prize, only 12 of them are Jewish-majority Israelites. Israel is the nineteenth largest Nobel laureate in the world.

(Depending on the nature of the Nobel Prize, the number may vary depending on the individual or group of individuals.)

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